The Steak Rite Story

Steak Rite started as an idea that there had to be a simple way to make sure a steak was cooked the way our guests wanted. After probing, cutting and feeling to test with varying results we thought there should be an easier way. There are many different temperature probe testers available. They all require you to learn an internal temperature for the doneness you want. Then you have to probe the steak and get varying temperatures based on where you probe and how far you insert the probe. This was always confusing. You can cut into the steak and check. It still might be overdone by the time you check and who wants to serve a steak that has a cut into it! Did someone else try to eat it first?!

Then we discovered the finger touch test. This is where you use your finger to feel the steak and compare to the way the palm of your hand feels. We liked this idea, but still had trouble comparing the steak to how our palms feel. I guess everyone’s palm should feel the same to be able to get you an accurate reading??? Steak Rite was developed to use this finger touch test without having to compare the steak to your palm. We worked hard to develop a way to press on the surface of a steak as its being cooked the same way each time and tell you how done your steak is without having to know anything about feel or temperatures. The Steak Rite’s probe is similar to a person’s finger. It doesn’t puncture the steak. It does press on the surface the same way each time and give you a direct reading of how the steak is done.

We have a functioning prototype and are looking for your help in the final design and funding for production. Your preorder will ensure you will be one of the firsts to receive this one of a kind innovative product. We also want your opinion on any features you would like to see. With your help we will create the best way for the serious home chef to prepare an awesome meal for their guests! Even if you are unable to contribute at this time, we urge you to sign up to receive updates on our progress.

sirloin steak with rosemary and cherry tomatoes on frying pan


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Meet the Team

Our team consists of product designers, engineers and marketing professionals who all have a passion to create a clean innovative product to solve a problem. We also like to cook a restaurant quality meal for our guests!

We have over 30 years’ experience in product development and have brought many other products from concept to reality.






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